English Information

Tuesday8.00–9.30 pmBardo KerzAikido
Friday6.30–8.00 pmBardo KerzAikiken/Aikijo
8.00–9.30 pmTill NeunhöfferAikido
Saturday10.00–12.00 amN. N.open training (by appointment)

Please check the seminars page on short notice for changes. Our training takes place during the whole year except between Christmas and New Year and on official holidays. Our dojo is located in the gym hall of the department of sports. You can find it on our map. The dojo can be conveniently reached by public transportation from the central railway station (bus line 6, direction Bretzenheim or Marienborn, bus stop "Botanischer Garten").

We're always happy to welcome visitors

Everyone is welcome to take part in our training. Due to organizational reasons, eligibility for the "Allgemeiner Hochschulsport" (AHS) is needed.

  • Students of the University of Mainz have this permission automatically with a valid student's ID.
  • For all others, there are "taster cards". Please contact us by mail so that we can arrange the details.
  • For a regular attendance, a one-year membership card is required which gives access to the entire program of the AHS.


If it's your first time, single-coloured comfortable sport clothes (without zippers) are recommended. Our training begins with laying out the mat, just watch and join in. If you come from another Dojo, you are of course welcome to wear your regular training suit.